Sunday, October 20, 2013

IDEA #9 'Blissful Sedation' - Mark

Hey guys.

Here’s a rough beat board I have pitched a couple of weeks back about a girl who finds her drug addiction literally manifests into a creature which consumes her.

=Story Points=

1. The girl named Emi takes a shot of heroin in her dark and barely furnished apartment and starts developing hallucinogenic visions.

2. After she shoots, a black serpent emerges and takes form from the heated drugs and engulfs her in dark water before she can escape the room.

3. After she drowns, Emi finds herself floating in dark water which gradual becomes brighter.  The light starts to faze away her clothing and heal her scars.

4. In another dimension, Emi meets an angelic pelican which feeds her blood from its breast.  Emi is now reborn as a new entity.

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