Monday, November 4, 2013

Character Design - Teacher

I started off some character design  As we know we have at least 3~4 character (girl, teacher, mom and principal) so I pick to start with the teacher

I imaged him some old guy, a bit creep, that is mad and annoyed with messy kids 

Have a look 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Time to Vote

Ok guys,

Thanks to everybody who took the time to submit an idea, some of you have really put in a lot of work. So thanks.

Please take the time to read through everybody's pitch, and pick your favorite idea(s).
We have comment boxes, so use it if it's not a simple matter of picking one idea.

Also, if you think your own idea is the best idea, then please pick it. Also probably consider how you could help in making the selected project become awesome. If you think it's a great idea, but it's not down your alley..then you probably wouldn't want to work on it. So pick an idea that you can get excited about.

#1 - Journey of The Egg by Michelle

#2 - Granny Story by Dave

#3 - Ode to the Animators  by Arif

#4 - Instant Karma by Arif

#5-  Light & Shadow by Dave

#6- Horn of the Sun by Lee  (Also check out his animatic )

#7- Uira Puru by Miguel

#8- Evolution of Gaming by Arif

#9- Blissful Sedation by Mark

#10- Creativity by Tim

Sunday, October 20, 2013

IDEA #10: Creativity - Tim

Hey guys heres some thumbnails I was working on there, dramatic increase in quality at the end but I'm sure it can get enough of an idea across. My idea was inspired by a TED talk by Ken Robinson on creativity, in it he tells the story of Gillian Lynne. This is slightly different and could change altogether aswell of course. 

So it's the 1930's in a primary school, a young girl sits in class bored as hell, fidgiting about and daydreaming - Her teacher sends her out of the classroom to the principals office, it's clearly happened before and her mother is called in - they meet at the office and the principal gestures to the mother to speak outside so the girl can't hear (no dialogue maybe?) - Girl sees the radio and turns it on she hears the sound of music, she jumps of her chair and begins to dance around the room (totally easy to animate right?) the adults look on in shock through the window and she in turn bow's to an imaginary audience that eventually pans out to show herself as an older successful ballet dancer (or jazz or something maybe?)

Also thought she could run away and join a circus and have a similar kind of ending. Not intending it to be black and white that's just laziness on my part*

(Full resolution, HERE)

IDEA #9 'Blissful Sedation' - Mark

Hey guys.

Here’s a rough beat board I have pitched a couple of weeks back about a girl who finds her drug addiction literally manifests into a creature which consumes her.

=Story Points=

1. The girl named Emi takes a shot of heroin in her dark and barely furnished apartment and starts developing hallucinogenic visions.

2. After she shoots, a black serpent emerges and takes form from the heated drugs and engulfs her in dark water before she can escape the room.

3. After she drowns, Emi finds herself floating in dark water which gradual becomes brighter.  The light starts to faze away her clothing and heal her scars.

4. In another dimension, Emi meets an angelic pelican which feeds her blood from its breast.  Emi is now reborn as a new entity.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

IDEA#8 : Evolution of Gaming- Incomplete - Arif Iqbal

First of all this is not my final post for the idea. I will change title when the post will be complete.

I am planning to edit this post as I add in stuff or delete by 18th this post will be complete that's a promise ;)

And if you guys are kind to add in some Idea to develop my script by 18th it will be awesome-

ok since i am not much of script guy I am doing this bit just to have an input, I want to animate :p. This is what motivated me, we will use same soundtrack:

In my proposal I am planning to do a short documentary on the evolution of gaming, well sort of.

these are the games-

from guinness book of world records top ten are written below (and in bracket i am suggesting the game i would like to work on)

1. tetris 1987- (packman)
2. super mario world- (1991)
3. street fighter 2- (1991)
4. super mario kart (1992)
5. grand theft auto (1997)
6. goldeneye 007 ( 1997)
7. legend of zelda: ocarina of time (1998)
8. Halo: Combat evolved (2001)
9. Resident Evil 4 (2005)
10. Final Fantasy XII (2006)

somewhere in that list I would like to add Mordern Warfare (probably replacing goldeneye)



steps for animated short:

first few seconds we have our production name and title and intro shot of an 80s style arcade shop and camera zooms in on an arcade machine until the music kicks in

then the ghosts from packman rolls in with packman following them followed by all the other characters from next games on list showing up doing their stuff. they can be different world's like the motivation video i posted on top of this post with actors from different game doing their usual stuff.

this will be added with every game will have some data showing up- for example when we will show character from street fighter 2 (example: ryu jumps on the pit does a hurricane kick and finishes sagat with a dragon punch) we can have interesting data like how SF2 changed game industry and how much it earned written on top like how the writing shows up on games (12 hit combo/ super power charged etc).

since the music is repeated music we can shorten the music and make the animation short as well. we can probably reduce it down to 2 minutes with credit and intro included.

audience: our audience is teenages aged 12- 26? mostly from youtube?

how do I picture it? since different games has different styles we have to merge all these games into one style so they are still recognizable and looks like part of one show. i picture it as something from samurai jack or dexters lab.

Samurai Jack

Dexters Lab

Star wars

this is it for now. ;)- I will add in more details to make it more clearer. ;)

- Arif.

IDEA #7 UIRA PURU - Miguel

Hello visitors and crew :)

Below you can have an idea for the style of all animation.. how I imagine it all. It is TOTALY flexible.

And the story is open for little changes.. i guess.. 

==== Here is my story ====

A young warrior was in love with the Indian tribal chief's daughter. He was a strong intelligent young man and the lady was pretty and delicate.

They fell helplessly in love with each other, although her father had already promised her in marriage to another warrior. From that point on, they started a hidden romance, even though she felt distressed with the situation and wanted to disclose it all to her father, fearing his reaction, since then he started to wonder and try to find out what's going on with his daughter...

One day it happened, the tribal chief found out and was furious. The chief, assisted by deities transformed the young man into a bird.

As a bird he sang to his beloved every day, this way helping her with her longing for him. When the tribal chief became aware of the singing, he summoned hunters to track him down. The little Indian girl

begged the bird to go away, to leave, First he did not want to but later gave in because if he stay there, he would end up dead, and that would really make her suffer.

After 7 moons, the chief decided to look for the bird and hunters to find out what happened, he went to the florest and in any direction he walked he could hear the sing of the bird. The chief got lost and never came back.

When the bird came back, he found the chief's tend burned and under ashes accesorkies that chief's daughther used to wear. Sad the little bird flew as high as he could untill he see his beloved transformed in clouds... for together fly free in the sky.

==== END ====