Tuesday, October 15, 2013

IDEA #7 UIRA PURU - Miguel

Hello visitors and crew :)

Below you can have an idea for the style of all animation.. how I imagine it all. It is TOTALY flexible.

And the story is open for little changes.. i guess.. 

==== Here is my story ====

A young warrior was in love with the Indian tribal chief's daughter. He was a strong intelligent young man and the lady was pretty and delicate.

They fell helplessly in love with each other, although her father had already promised her in marriage to another warrior. From that point on, they started a hidden romance, even though she felt distressed with the situation and wanted to disclose it all to her father, fearing his reaction, since then he started to wonder and try to find out what's going on with his daughter...

One day it happened, the tribal chief found out and was furious. The chief, assisted by deities transformed the young man into a bird.

As a bird he sang to his beloved every day, this way helping her with her longing for him. When the tribal chief became aware of the singing, he summoned hunters to track him down. The little Indian girl

begged the bird to go away, to leave, First he did not want to but later gave in because if he stay there, he would end up dead, and that would really make her suffer.

After 7 moons, the chief decided to look for the bird and hunters to find out what happened, he went to the florest and in any direction he walked he could hear the sing of the bird. The chief got lost and never came back.

When the bird came back, he found the chief's tend burned and under ashes accesorkies that chief's daughther used to wear. Sad the little bird flew as high as he could untill he see his beloved transformed in clouds... for together fly free in the sky.

==== END ====

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