Sunday, October 20, 2013

IDEA #10: Creativity - Tim

Hey guys heres some thumbnails I was working on there, dramatic increase in quality at the end but I'm sure it can get enough of an idea across. My idea was inspired by a TED talk by Ken Robinson on creativity, in it he tells the story of Gillian Lynne. This is slightly different and could change altogether aswell of course. 

So it's the 1930's in a primary school, a young girl sits in class bored as hell, fidgiting about and daydreaming - Her teacher sends her out of the classroom to the principals office, it's clearly happened before and her mother is called in - they meet at the office and the principal gestures to the mother to speak outside so the girl can't hear (no dialogue maybe?) - Girl sees the radio and turns it on she hears the sound of music, she jumps of her chair and begins to dance around the room (totally easy to animate right?) the adults look on in shock through the window and she in turn bow's to an imaginary audience that eventually pans out to show herself as an older successful ballet dancer (or jazz or something maybe?)

Also thought she could run away and join a circus and have a similar kind of ending. Not intending it to be black and white that's just laziness on my part*

(Full resolution, HERE)

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  1. This is probably one of the clearest and most appealing along with Michelle's. These two have my vote.