Saturday, September 28, 2013

IDEA #4: Instant Karma by Arif Iqbal


(sound file is incomplete but it can start as follows: )

 - in an establishing aerial shot we see a county side road in america, lot of forest and in the middle there is one road. title shows up and we see a jeep driving wrecklessly throwing beer can etc. on the road.
- it stops at one part and cam zooms in on the character and we see the guy walking inside the forest with a beer can in his hand.
 - [from sound] we see a horse eating grass and a fly is flying across to the swamp and sits on the head of an alligator which is in the swamp.
 - the guy walks in and being an asshole he shouts at the horse I DO THE ASS KICKING AROUND HERE! and starts to kick the horse. 1, 2 kicks
 - on his 3rd kick he misses it cause the horse moves and he falls in the water.
 - his head rises from water he is pissed! the horse looks at him and laughs.
 - the guy jumps out of the water and his legs and hands are getting into anticipation (like old tom and jerry where the character is running in the same place before he starts to chase)
 - before he can chase the alligator jumps from behind and eats him. [Hence Instant Karma]
 - and then the alligator laughs.



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