Friday, September 27, 2013

IDEA #2: [EDIT] Granny who fights for the soul of her husband

I deleted the original pitch and replaced it with the story of the granny.

This project is really aimed to have a cool action piece at the centre, while the story serves the scene entirely. That also means that the story is entirely disposable, the main idea of the pitch is to have a ludicrous action sequence that would allow character designers , layout and animators to go crazy.

IN SHORT: A granny fights off a gigantic spaceship to save the soul of her husband.

WHY SHOULD THIS BE MADE (selling points)?
+ Character development for Main Character
+ Zombies, UFOs, Voodo, Spirits, you name it, we got it!
+ Opportunity to have fun with the designs of characters!
+ Animation can be pushed because it's not set in reality.

THEME:  Sometimes when you lose somebody, you become closer to them. They become a part of you. (That was my own experience anyway).

STORY (using the Pixar storytelling thing):

Once upon a time there was a granny that lived very secluded with her husband in a little house on the hills. She kind of lost the will to live, and every day for her was a grey day.

 Every day Granny is woken up by her husband since he always gets up really early to do some work on the field. The dog always ready at 6am at the door to go on an adventure with his master.

Until one day something crashes from the sky, granny doesn't care and continues to mope along. But the curious husband investigates. That evening when he gets home he's feeling a bit unwell, when granny wakes up he is still in bed but turned into a mindless zombie.

Because of that she is forced to leave the house (with him locked up) and goes to see what that thing was that landed. The crashed pod is now surrounded by mindless villagers.

Because of that she is forced to visit an old friend, an old woman that studies the occult. She seeks guidance from her. That crazy voodoo woman senses that all people in the village who came in contact with the pod have lost their souls, they are stored into the pod.

Granny needs to confront the alien from the pod and destroy him to release the souls and return her husband to normal.

 She confronts the alien and punches him out instantly…he's super weak.

[ANTICLIMAX] The spirits don't return to their hosts but instead fly up to the sky revealing a gigantic space ship. The crazy voodoo friend calls on her occult magic to call the spirits back…but a few have gone too far already (the spirit of granny's husband).

 Because of this… Granny explodes with energy as she knows she needs to get to the pace ship to get her husbands' soul back. This triggers the spirits to merge with granny..who now becomes SUPER GRANNY

Like superman she bends down her old legs and jumps up to the sky towards the spaceship for the final battle! until finally….I imagine the spirit of her husband sacrifices himself to save her but he used up so much energy he won't have the energy to return to his body.

He becomes part of her and she realizes that he'll always be with her.

 and ever since….Granny now wakes up everyday on the same time her husband used to, and tends the field.


Visual references:

I really inspired this on my own character designs. Visually I envision a mixture between French comics and animation from studio 4 degrees (Tekkinkonkreet) and Bill Plympton.

EDIT: Those sketches gave me the idea that perhaps the husbands' soul transforms into a katana blade that allows her to defeat the alien and free the souls.

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