Saturday, September 28, 2013

IDEA #3: Ode To Animators by Arif Iqbal

This is an ode to the animators

 - we see a guy flat on the floor, he's weak and struggling to get up.
- we see he grabs a pencil from a broken animation disk or could be part of table. he tries to get up but he crushes down on the floor again. [we can probably skip this part to make it short]
- we see his hand punches the ground in desperation and pencil, rubber or other animation utilities are flying in slow motion [ to show anger and desperation.]

- then we see a world of animators where exteriors are like animation tables, or camera tables etc and our protagonists animator friends are getting impaled by sharp pencils [ symbolic to animators who have struggled and fallen]
- then we see our protagonist finally standing up the unfinished part is we see an animation table [almost look like a terminator endoskeleton] and our animator will walk toward it and start to animate on the table. there will be a white flash [to leave the audience in uncertainty] in the end we will see the animation he did in a flipbook.

 THE CONCEPT: all animation starts slow and tough but the end result is always sweet.


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